Lobsters & Blueberries Oh My!

We love to travel so we can cross places off our list but this plan seems to keep backfiring because then I fall in love with these new little towns and places and want to come back, so they go back on the list and nothing seems to be getting accomplished.  That’s what is happening with Maine right now. We stopped in Camden Maine because I read that scenes from Casper were shot here. I have no idea why I love Casper so much honestly, but it’s funny because Lyle thinks it’s terrible. Lyle’s all like so what are we doing here and I’m like uh just trying to find Casper ya know…but it ended up being the prettiest little town! It was on the way to Portland anyway and it’s right on the water. All the towns seem to have the cutest little unique shops and every town has all the staple Maine foods: homemade icecream, blueberry foods, lobster (rolls, mac, soup, etc) and chowder. I hope we get to come back to Maine one Summer, I imagine it’s just as perfect.

For the outfit, I searched for black booties for a while. I actually ordered a couple pairs from Nordstrom and ended up returning them because I was so picky about what style I wanted. I loved the pointed toe on these and that they didn’t have a zipper and most importantly, I got a coupon in my email that was too good to pass up! (the truth comes out) I wore them oncce to break them in which is just what they needed and they are so comfy! A con might be they take longer to put on and off. I also LOVE these duster cardigan/waterfall longline sweaters. They are flattering and can be dressed up or down. I have different variations in every color. All outfit details are linked below, along with some pretty pictures of Camden. I plan on sharing some food places, things we did and saw in a post coming up as well, if you’re interested!

DSC_0246 DSC_0280

This shows you just how windy it was today…

DSC_0338 DSC_0306

DSC_0258 DSC_0237

DSC_0239 DSC_0315 DSC_0332

Scarf | DusterHatTankBooties | Denim: old- similar ones linked on my last post

I also love these Booties

XO Cait

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Manchester Vt

I’m going to stop calling each town “the cutest town” because each one keeps getting better than the last at this point. Manchester was right out of a movie. I feel like my pictures and videos I’ve posted on here or snap don’t even do these places justice. The colors are amazing. Lyle and I are blending right in with all the little old grannies and grandpas here for leaves haha. Lyle always jokes that I am going to really love him when he’s old because I think grandpas are the cutest thing and he says he will probably be afraid of me because “old people are scary.” My boy is a trip. Anyway, we walked into a little cider place the other day and there was a tour group of cute little old people and I thought it was so funny…I guess I’m an old person at heart because I am eating this stuff up. I’m already trying to secure at least a little Vermont getaway every Fall because it is that beautiful. The only way my outfit could be any more basic is if I was holding a Starbucks…but it’s so comfy and I love flannels! I style them all year round. This one is the softest flannel EVER. No, I am not even being forced to say that. It’s so soft…and on sale! I don’t really put outfits together because they are so unique but I love sharing my finds! The tank is a little juvenille maybe but it was one of those $13 impulse buys and I don’t regret it. For one, its 100% me and two, I have about 3 of these tanks from Target and I run in them all year round…even my black one that says “I’m not your Boo” with a ghost on it haha. They are super cheap and just fun to wear. I am trying to post more regularly on here and trying not to blow up your insta with all my pictures but everything is so photogenic here so it’s very hard. P.S.- Happy Weekend!!






Right down to the range rover, this baby is calling my name. I had Lyle pull over so I could go take a picture.


DSC_0343 DSC_0307



Outfit details:| tank | Flannel | Denim | Bean Boots | Beanie Old-same one here |

XO, Cait

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