February Life Update

Woo Happy Wednesday! This week I only have two days of classes so today is especially happy right now. So to start, we just got back from our first getaway of 2018. It was a mini one but it was very much needed.

We stopped at 7 Magic Mountains in Nevada on our trip. Here are far too many pictures of that and some random SLC pictures.

Lyle switched jobs and is no longer doing solar but he is still in sales!

He is splitting time between Texas and Utah right now while I am finishing school in Utah.

I GRADUATE THIS YEAR guys. Praise thaaa Lord.

Bout time right mom and dad? I have the mindset that I don’t need to figure out this whole adulting thing til I’m 30ish.

It’s been a really good mindset guys. I recommend it.


We are planning to move to Houston at the end of this year and I couldn’t be more excited! We have spent a lot of time down there but never year round so this will be a new experience. We don’t know how long we want to be there but for now I am so excited about the thought of living in a place where we don’t have to clean snow off our cars.

 I love the South/Texas/BBQ food/warm weather/southern accents/Taste of Texas/I could go on


We have some pretty exciting places on the schedule this year!

My Spring Break is coming up at the end of next month and we have some pretty fun ideas, but for now they are just that, ideas. Locally we are thinking New Orleans and internationally we are thinking Nicaragua or Brazil? I guess we will see.


We are also planning on Chile! Lyle served his mission for our church down in Chile and he has been waiting for this temple to be built for years (earthquakes delayed it).

 They haven’t officially announced the dates but we are hoping they do soon. It could be anywhere from September to January?

We have always talked about going down for the dedication and I am so excited to meet the people and see the place that for two years helped to shape my husband into the man he is today. I don’t think I have ever been so excited for a trip.

(I am crossing my fingers that Patagonia happens!)


Finally, our 5 year anniversary is also coming up this year and we have some reallyyyy exciting places in mind.

We are still planning but I’ll give you a hint, it’s not going to be Europe and it’s not going to be South America!

I don’t want to say anything because I don’t know if Chile will change the dates for this but for now we are planning on this happening in the Summer.

We will be back in Maryland at some point because we have an important baptism, hopefully NYC again because…NYC and hopefully some other fun local places.

Murphy wants a brother or sister and we plan on it but with our schedules/life we can’t do the potty training thing right now. Lyle told me I could get any dog I wanted though when the time comes…he even said two! 😉 We are thinking at the end of this year? I want another one so bad if you guys haven’t noticed…

Lyle hopes to buy another house this year, talks about retirement, savings and investments. I try to cram in as much fun and travel as humanly possible, talk about all the dogs we will own and dream about moving to London. I think we make a pretty good pair haha I am glad one of us is realistic.

Our life is pretty unique but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Honestly it can be hard but the blessings outweigh the struggles.

Hope this answers all your questions. We love you guys!

XO Cait

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