Utah Fall To Do List

I finally have a minute where we are not running around crazy so I wanted to share some of my absolute favorite fall things to do in Utah! I got a lot of questions about hikes after I posted our recent hiking picture so I wanted to address more of the hiking questions on here. Utah weather is all over the place so if it decides to warm up a little bit again you will have a list of some of my favorite places to explore. Below is the ultimate UT fall list with date night ideas, favorite fall food places and outdoor adventures. A lot of times I do these for me so next year I have a compiled list for things and places we love but I hope you all get something out of this too. If you have anything to add or recommend too, let me know!



  • Upper Silver Lake (American Fork Canyon- 4.4 miles roundtrip)

Hands down my favorite hike in Utah right now. You can see more pictures and read about it here

  • Squaw Peak (Rock Canyon Park)

I would say this is a rough hike compared to above. It’s very steep and it’s 7 miles or so round trip. IT IS BEAUTIFUL though. We went in September and I couldn’t get over all the colors already showing. This is another favorite for sure.

  • Silver Lake (Big Cottonwood Canyon)

This has a wooden pathway all the way around it so I wouldn’t consider this a hike hike but it is so pretty. I took some pictures up here at the beginning of this month and fall was in full swing. This is perfect for families/runs/etc.

Other favorites include Stewart Falls (kid friendly), Lake Mary (the prettiest hike and kid friendly), Willow Heights and Blood Lake (kid friendly). I have so many more I will probably add but these are what I can vouch for right now that I love.

Fall Activities

  • Our favorite thing to do is Boo our neighbors! We make a date night of this and go to the dollar store for little goodies and bake lots of treats and sneakily drop them off at different neighbors homes. It is so fun and we both love it. Just type in boo your neighbor template to google and there are tons of free cute ones! We started it in our neighbor in NJ and in UT. It really is so fun to serve others and people get so excited about it.


  • Cornbelly’s

Okay they stepped up their game big time. They added SO much. So many games, so much fun and just everything. If you have kids this place is a dream. Lyle and I had a ton of fun and we don’t even have kids haha. We played all the games, ate pumpkin and apple cider donuts, did all the haunted things and got to watch a stunt dog show. I wanted to go again but Lyle thought once was enough haha. I would recommend going during the week to keep prices low!

  • Kuwahara Farms

The cutes lil pumpkin patch I ever did see. It is lacking in the treat department though. It is free to walk around and take cute picures though.

  • Highland Garden pumpkin patch

I loved the animals at this pumpkin patch. It had cute little goats and horse rides for the kids.

  • Park City for the alpine slide, to wander the cute main street or to take a lift up to see the leaves
  • Sundance for a lift ride, hikes or mountain biking
  • Basin Drive in Theater
  • Gardners Village for witches night out
  •  carve pumpkins
  • apple picking! (if you know anywhere let me know, Lyle’s parents have an apple tree in their backyard so that is where we are doing it haha)
  • bonfire and scary stories (up any canyons)
  • Sunday drives through the Alpine and Nebo loop
  • LDS Conference
  • Howl-o-ween dog parade in Park City on Halloween day
  • Heber Valley Railroad ride
  • Jazz game date night
  • Rowley Red Barn
  • Pumpkin nights festival in SLC (runs through Nov 4th)
  • hay rides  (Rowley Red Barn)
  • Haunted houses (UT has SO many. We are wanting to try Asylum 49 this year because I hear its the best!)
  • Scary movie marathon
  • Caramel apple decorating party (lay out little dishes with all sorts of goodies to dip them in once they have the caramel on them!)
  • Haunted gingerbread houses (Target)
  • Friends Pie Party (We do this with Lyles friends and everyone bakes and brings 1-2 pies and everyone gets to sample them all. I am counting down the days to this!)
  • Hot tubbing or Spanish Fork Hot Springs
  • corn maizes
  • Sleepy Hollow Haunted Wagon Ride
  • Pumpkin Treat Crawl (is that a thing? We did it with cookies in NYC….Know any pumpkin lovers? Take the list below and plan a taste testing date night with a rating system and everything. Dropping hints for my man over here…)
  • homemade bread bowls and soup

Favorite Fall Foods

  • Rowley Red Barn (Santaquin)

THE BEST ICE CREAM GUYS and my favorite flavor is seasonal. I am writing in all caps because it this ice cream is the best ever. This is something like caramel apple or the apple pie. I can’t even tell you the name, I just run in point to it and get so excited. I have asked Lyle for this ice cream every. single. day but I have only had it twice. First off, the portions are HUGE. I ask for a kids size and get like a large. It could depend on who is dishing it out though. Also, all ice cream is made in house and every flavor is good. I would know because I have sampled almost all of them. They also do really good apple cider donuts and an apple cider slush with caramel ice cream. Thank me later. Lyle says this looks like mashed potatoes btw but I assure you it is just because it is all melty but its really the best.

  • Kneaders Pumpkin Bread

I bring this home to my mom when I go home because we all are obsessed with it. I hear the pumpkin bread at Great Harvest Bread Co could give it a run for it’s money so I will be trying that soon and updating this! Kneaders pumpkin bread is soft and perfect and I could eat all of it.


Ahem, the pumpkin and apple cinnamon RX bars, the apple cider jam, pumpkin spice almond beverage, pumpkin waffles, pumpkin ravioli…I’ve tried it all and I approve…of everything. Just go.



No really, this list looks amazing. I want to try it all and I probably will…

Best Pumpkin List

XO, Cait

Upper Silver Lake

We did the most amazing hike a couple weeks ago. We got to finally do Upper Silver lake in American Fork Canyon. I have had this hike on my list for years and it did not disappoint. It was absolutely breathtaking. My pictures don’t even do it any sorts of justice honestly. It was about 4.4 miles roundtrip from lower silver lake. It got a little steep near the end but I wouldn’t say it is really a hard hike. We saw people doing it with hikes but I would imagine it would take a lot longer. Seeing it during the fall was fantastic but I’ve seen pictures from the Summer too and it’s a different kind of beautiful. It is probably one of my favorite hikes in Utah so I highly recommend it. Don’t confuse this with the Silver Lake up Big Cottonwood Canyon though, their are two Silver Lakes. To get to the one I am talking about you just drive up past Tibblefork Reservoir in AF canyon and then once you get to the lower Silver Lake there is trailhead you can’t miss. Oh, and it’s dog friendly. All three of us hiked up and ate lunch at the lake and it was absolutely perfect. I would love to spend every weekend up in the mountains honestly.

They are my favorite.

This picture prompted my juice fast haha but I still love it!