Christmas 2017

Another great Christmas with my family is in the books. We did a lot of our typical traditions and tried starting a new one, Grinch night. We made special Grinch popcorn and drinks while we watched it.

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Shannon wrapped up Harpers old pjs and she had no idea. It was so funny because she was so excited anyway. Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

I had to go to the hospital because of a bite so the iodine dyed my whole hand/nails so these cute little snowman nails were the only good that came out of all that!


Miracle on 34th street was gorgeous! We went into Baltimore for a day and had to see it.DSC_0546 DSC_0549


Going to CJs wrestling match and football games were so fun this Fall.


I loved that this house did an adoption theme with pictures of cats and dogs! Such a cool idea.IMG_4832

Pretty sure I take this picture everyday but I jokingly told my mom her eggnog is the reason I come home. IMG_4837IMG_4838

We tried out a new breakfast place, Iron Rooster. It was really yummy! I love homemade pop-tarts.IMG_4839 IMG_4850ut

me and one of my besties. I love these kids so much.

XO Cait


Real Talk: I’m Ready for Ya 2018

So 2017 did not go according to plan. When I initially started talking about this year I referred to it as a “bad year” but Lyle corrected me in saying tough because when you are healthy and alive is any year really that bad? I was going to share all the difficulties we struggled with this year…the health problems and deaths within our family, our constant rearranging of schedules, big decisions and other things we faced but I decided to instead focus on all the amazing blessings we had all year round instead. I typically like to look at things with a positive spin and I think of myself as a VERY blessed or lucky person (whatever you wanna call it). We have had so many more opportunities and adventures than I ever imagined and I don’t think I am used to things not going well but I do think its important to share this with others. I think if you don’t some people try to find things wrong with you or your life and I will be the first to admit I am not perfect. Most people are like “um yes we know” but I don’t think we should point out other peoples flaws because news flash, most of the time they know them and are working on them. I don’t like to say things like this, not because I like my life to look perfect, but rather because I feel selfish focusing on any difficult aspect of my life when there are people who have it way worse, especially some of the kind and sweet people we have met in third world countries that make me feel guilty thinking about some of my material wants when they have nothing.

I love how more people on Instagram have been sharing difficulties and how they struggle with anxiety and different things because even though I know Instagram isn’t how life is all time time, 100%, I often wonder if people sometimes forget that. NO BODY HAS A PERFECT LIFE, FAMILY, MARRIAGE….ANYTHING. Nobody should be your “goals.” Live your own best life and set your own goals and don’t spend so much time focusing on what someone else has. Some people may be blessed in different ways than you and you might want to compare but good things for people happen at different times and we are all at different points in our life and we ALL struggle with different things and a lot of times it is easy to overlook the tiny miracles God places in our life every single day. I hope we all make it. I hope we all accomplish our goals and dreams. I hope we can all be happy because that is the most important thing of all. Pure happiness is not dependent on what we have or where we are going. This year I had a period where I saw what it was like to be unhappy and I don’t want anyone to experience that. I have read a lot of articles about how social media can do a lot of harm for us but I know it can do good as well so finding balance is important.

I am so grateful to have traveled to three new countries this year: Portugal, Spain and Scotland along with visiting Ireland and England again. We got to spend so much time with our family this year, we got to see our brother Kade marry Elise, we finally got to make it to Savannah, and explore more of the East Coast. I have never been more excited for a new year! I can not wait for new goals, new adventures, new dreams and a new start. I am sure it will bring its fair share of problems and struggles but I feel a lot more equipped to handle these. I have grown to rely on God and my family in a way I never have and that is another blessing that has come from hardships. I am so thankful. I am so excited to live close to so many temples again to keep God a priority in my life (because things will fall to crap if he is not), to celebrate FIVE years of marriage, to serve more and to see new places. Happy New Year to all of you! This new year is going to be our best yet and I hope its yours as well.


I made my own vision board with my goals and priorities to focus on this year.

XO Cait