You Serious Clark?

Our annual Christmas photos are up and they are my favorite ones yet…which is why I posted far too many. My momma took these in maybe 15 minutes (if that) and I loved them all! Well, except a couple funny ones I posted below hahaha. It’s kind of amazing because we took our pictures on the one and only freezing day we had on our whole visit out to Maryland. Can you believe how good Murphy is in these photos? We just tell him to sit and then my mom yells out words that he knows to get him to pay attention and perk up. He’s my favorite part.

I love this little family of mine so much and I will cherish these photos forever. Below I posted a couple that I took of my family.  I am so blessed to have these people. My family is definitely closer than most and at times it is straight chaos but I know I will look back and remember the times spent with these people forever. Here’s to everyone getting to enjoy the holidays with the ones they love most. 

My most favorite people on earth right here. Minus Meghan and Sean of course. I am obsessed with this photo of my mom and dad. How cute is it?! It is completely candid.

To get a good one of everyone is SO HARD haha. I love these little humans so much. I am so bummed Colton isn’t smiling because the boy has the cutest smile on earth.

XO Cait

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