Year Three

August has been such a busy month. As soon as we got back from Peru we had a couple days before we headed down to Maryland for my nephews baptism. I remember the day that sweet boy was born and holding him and telling him I would be the best aunt ever and always be there for him. I love the relationship Lyle has with him and that CJ wanted Lyle to confirm him. What a special bond these two will always have because of it. We are home now and trying to adjust to a normal routine again. I am so excited to FINALLY be going to the Philly temple open house tomorrow. I say finally in all caps because we have had to reschedule this like three times. We have so many fun things coming up in September and I am beyond excited. September is one of my favorite months for a ton of reasons. It seems acceptable to start making pumpkin treats, October is right around the corner and it’s our anniversary! I am still clinging onto Summer though and have decided to drag it out into September with some end of Summer plans. We booked tickets to go up into the Statue of Liberty (literally months ago), have a beach weekend with my family to attend, camping, celebrating our anniversary in D.C (where we got married) and a Greece trip to plan. I just couldn’t wait until September to share these pictures so here they are, a couple days early. I was not happy the weather didn’t cooperate for us and basically ruined my hair and makeup but I love how the pictures turned out anyway. Thank heavens Jaci Marie knows what she’s doing. Here’s some of my favorites.
IMG_9953 IMG_9950 IMG_9941 IMG_9881 IMG_9890 IMG_9895 IMG_9908 IMG_9916 IMG_9922 IMG_9873 IMG_9869 IMG_9811 IMG_9805 IMG_9758 IMG_9692 IMG_9697 IMG_9770 IMG_9698 IMG_9700 IMG_0032 IMG_9786 IMG_9754 IMG_9792 IMG_9690 IMG_9661 IMG_9595 IMG_9645 IMG_9591 IMG_9618 IMG_9608 IMG_9535 IMG_9546 IMG_0139 IMG_0114 IMG_0040 IMG_0049 IMG_0157 IMG_9489 IMG_0079 IMG_9520 IMG_0110IMG_9968

I love this mega babe more than anything in the entire world. I can’t believe its been three years happily married to him. I am so so lucky to call him mine and I could go on and on about how perfect he is for me but I think anyone who knows him knows that. I have a feeling this next year will be our best and most eventful year yet. 😉

Xo, Cait

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