Hi Again New Orleans

We made it to New Orleans a little over a year after the first time we went. I went on and on about it after going once that this past July, my parents flew into New Orleans for a long weekend to experience it with us! They let me completely plan everything and were down for anything and everything. Below is real life proof of how tiring that can be sometimes haha. 

To sum it up we had the absolute best time! My mom quickly fell in love with this city like I knew she would. My dad was a little harder to convince. He thought the history was so interesting but at the same time, kind of surprised by it and it wasn’t what he was expecting haha. I blogged about the food in New Orleans and a post about what we did and I will link those here for prettier pictures and more information to help you. Guide here and food here.

We started off our trip at District Donuts (one of my favorite donut places) and then jumped right into it with a walking tour. There are SO many amazing walking tours in New Orleans. If you don’t want to spend your whole trip doing tours (I could though, they are amazing) I recommend doing the French Quarter tour and the Ghost tour. You HAVE to do the ghost tour. If you have more time and really like the tours you can do the Garden District and Cemetery tours. With my parents we got to do the cemetery tour and see the crazy tomb Nicholas Cage created after visiting a psychic. You can honestly do the same tour over and over and still learn new things. Do the french quarter tour the first day if possible to get your bearings of the city. You also can ask your local guide questions about anything so write any you have down.

One thing we got to do this time was visit the Pharmacy Museum. I really wanted to go to this the first time and we just couldn’t squeeze it in but it was so interesting! We all really liked it and I honestly thought it was better than the Voodoo one if you have to choose just one for your first trip. It was bigger and has a ton of information. Harry Potter vibes….

Instead of walking the Garden District tour we drove it. You can find a really easy map to follow here. This is awesome because it has every main stop you do on the tour but you can walk it yourself or even drive it. It has information under every stop for you to read so you still get all the information. The Garden District was absolutely beautiful and it was really easy to pull over and hop out at the stops we wanted to get more pictures at.One of my favorite homes ^ We wandered all the cute shops in the Quarter and ate at tons of yummy food places. It was seriously the best trip. I love that my parents come visit us in places and get to explore new cities with us. We’ve done Utah, Houston, New Orleans, New Jersey and New York. I can’t wait to add to the list as my parents keep visiting us but we will do better at pictures next time…
We took them to the famed Cafe Du Monde for some beignets, my favorite! Although I will say they are better at Disney! hahaha. In Orlando they don’t sell the beignets at Disney World BUT they do sell them at a resort nearby so we can get them anytime we want!…and I do hahaMy dad rolled up his untouched sandwich with fries and even added packets of sauce to give to one of the many homeless people. He waited until he found the right person to give it too. My whole life he has been such an amazing example of service.XOXO

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