Fridays Faves

Nope, it is not Friday.

Use this “hack”: Up Your French Toast Game

I made these for Lyle for his birthday this year and I think they are going to be how french toast is done around here now. As soon as your french toast is done, roll it in a cinnamon sugar mixture. We had it in Mexico and it has been my favorite ever since. Also, this brioche bread we got from Trader Joe’s is everything for french toast.

Watch this: Handmaid’s Tale

I debated about posting about this show because it’s really dark…REALLY DARK. I feel like I can’t promote it because it has a lot of questionable things in it but it’s one of the best shows I’ve watched. I watched 5 minutes of it because everyone raved about  it and I was honestly hooked. It is so fascinating, addicting and thought provoking. I don’t watch too much t.v. but I binge watched it in a weekend until I was caught up. I mean I could just watch it because of Nick but it’s really hard to tell. This is a Hulu original. I also really love Riverdale right now and no surprise here, The Bachelorette.

Listen to this: Hamilton Soundtrack

Oh is everyone over Hamilton by now? Well I’m not and it’s amazing and I relive the show every single day when I jam out to the soundtrack. It is so good! It’s different and you may have to let it grow on you but I wish all history was taught this way. It was hands down the best broadway show I have ever seen. If you haven’t seen it then you can listen to it and I highly recommend you do.

Make These: Blueberry Streusel Cookies

This is just a phone picture so they don’t even look as good as hers do on the website. I posted about these and had tons of people asking for the recipe. I don’t typically like baking things with mixes because I like everything from scratch but these were amazing and so easy. I think they are pretty fail proof too because I didn’t have measuring cups and they turned out fantastic. I am obsessed with cookies and brownies and I think these are the perfect Summer cookie. You can get the recipe here


Wear this: A Retinol

 I take FULLL advantage of those free skin consultations and interrogate anyone who is an expert on skin. I was asking about all these treatments and I was told you can simply change your skin by wearing sunscreen everyday and using a retinol every night. This summer whenever I lay out I keep my face covered and use bronzer or tanner. This stuff is amazing. I think any retinol will do but some have a higher content of retinol. When introducing your skin to a retinol it does dry your skin out a lot so start by using it every few nights until you are used to it. It helps with aging, fine lines, sun spots and my skin is smoother. My mom even said something about my skin when she was in town. It’s a work in progress but take care of your skin people. NEVER SLEEP IN YOUR MAKEUP, clean your makeup brushes, change your pillowcase frequently and wash or rinse your face at night. I got this at SpaTrouve if you are a Utah local but you can probably find it cheaper online. WAY cheaper than all the chemical peels, microneedling, photo facials…


Read this: Bringing up Bebe

I have been reading a ton this summer and right now I am reading this gem. It is SO interesting. I think its great if you are expecting, have little ones or are around little ones. It has so much great advice and things I can’t wait to try and I think every parent should read it. I am not finished yet but so far I am impressed. It has advice on everything from getting your baby to sleep through the night faster, how to get them on your same eating schedule and not changing your whole life around a new baby but rather having that baby fit into your life. Has anyone read this? I am curious what you think…




NYC Summer

I guess this is a way to keep my photos from my phone somewhat organized and because I miss the East Coast a bit. We had so much fun and adventures while we lived in New Jersey. We got to go to the U.S. Open, watch Chile win in the Copa America (which made Lyles life haha), and got to live so close to my family for almost two years. New York is amazing, the coast is great and I’m applying for jobs out East next year so if that doesn’t tell you how amazing it is I don’t know what will. Here’s a billion pictures from when I cleaned out my phone. 
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Smores at The Smith

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IMG_5683IMG_5685IMG_5687Montclair donuts are my favorite in NJ.
My life motto.

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Another favorite thing about where we lived was all the fun activities always going on. This was a fun dessert expo we went to.



Mini golfing on the pier in the city.

After church pictures one week. This lake was right by our first home in NJ. We would always go run around it.

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We went down to D.C. with my parents and went inside the white house. Don’t know what’s happening here…

I took the Momofuku cake class and it was so fun and the cake was bomb.
IMG_6208 IMG_6209

One of the many broadway shows we saw. We won the lottery for this one but it wasn’t my favorite.


Murphy knocked my phone in this lake but I still love it. RIP phone #85 (probably)

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IMG_5647 IMG_5651 IMG_5653 IMG_5654

My favorite mug

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This is my favorite ice cream place! It has marshmallow on top. It’s Bona Bona.IMG_5934

Favorite city

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We love going to Hershey Park with my family. It is one of my all time favorite parks.

IMG_6271 IMG_6323

 Lyle definitely misses all the bagel places
IMG_6132IMG_3389IMG_3526 (1)

Breakfast at Sara Beths

Our friend had kittens and I loved snuggling them

Haha this sign was in D.C. and Lyle thought I should get a picture in front of it… haha rude

My angel babe



Mom came up to visit and we saw Lion King and had so much fun in the city

This was taken in the parking lot at a local fair we went to.


New Jersey can do the pastel de natas pretty dang good. I burned my mouth eating them every time because I couldn’t wait

One of our favorite places in NJ. We loved this little farmers market/bakery. We went every week. I loved the mini cinnamon rolls and lyle loved the apple turnovers.


Thanks for the memories NJ.

XO Cait