Fridays Faves

Nope, it is not Friday.

Use this “hack”: Up Your French Toast Game

I made these for Lyle for his birthday this year and I think they are going to be how french toast is done around here now. As soon as your french toast is done, roll it in a cinnamon sugar mixture. We had it in Mexico and it has been my favorite ever since. Also, this brioche bread we got from Trader Joe’s is everything for french toast.

Watch this: Handmaid’s Tale

I debated about posting about this show because it’s really dark…REALLY DARK. I feel like I can’t promote it because it has a lot of questionable things in it but it’s one of the best shows I’ve watched. I watched 5 minutes of it because everyone raved about  it and I was honestly hooked. It is so fascinating, addicting and thought provoking. I don’t watch too much t.v. but I binge watched it in a weekend until I was caught up. I mean I could just watch it because of Nick but it’s really hard to tell. This is a Hulu original. I also really love Riverdale right now and no surprise here, The Bachelorette.

Listen to this: Hamilton Soundtrack

Oh is everyone over Hamilton by now? Well I’m not and it’s amazing and I relive the show every single day when I jam out to the soundtrack. It is so good! It’s different and you may have to let it grow on you but I wish all history was taught this way. It was hands down the best broadway show I have ever seen. If you haven’t seen it then you can listen to it and I highly recommend you do.

Make These: Blueberry Streusel Cookies

This is just a phone picture so they don’t even look as good as hers do on the website. I posted about these and had tons of people asking for the recipe. I don’t typically like baking things with mixes because I like everything from scratch but these were amazing and so easy. I think they are pretty fail proof too because I didn’t have measuring cups and they turned out fantastic. I am obsessed with cookies and brownies and I think these are the perfect Summer cookie. You can get the recipe here


Wear this: A Retinol

 I take FULLL advantage of those free skin consultations and interrogate anyone who is an expert on skin. I was asking about all these treatments and I was told you can simply change your skin by wearing sunscreen everyday and using a retinol every night. This summer whenever I lay out I keep my face covered and use bronzer or tanner. This stuff is amazing. I think any retinol will do but some have a higher content of retinol. When introducing your skin to a retinol it does dry your skin out a lot so start by using it every few nights until you are used to it. It helps with aging, fine lines, sun spots and my skin is smoother. My mom even said something about my skin when she was in town. It’s a work in progress but take care of your skin people. NEVER SLEEP IN YOUR MAKEUP, clean your makeup brushes, change your pillowcase frequently and wash or rinse your face at night. I got this at SpaTrouve if you are a Utah local but you can probably find it cheaper online. WAY cheaper than all the chemical peels, microneedling, photo facials…


Read this: Bringing up Bebe

I have been reading a ton this summer and right now I am reading this gem. It is SO interesting. I think its great if you are expecting, have little ones or are around little ones. It has so much great advice and things I can’t wait to try and I think every parent should read it. I am not finished yet but so far I am impressed. It has advice on everything from getting your baby to sleep through the night faster, how to get them on your same eating schedule and not changing your whole life around a new baby but rather having that baby fit into your life. Has anyone read this? I am curious what you think…




New Orleans Food


New Orleans is perfect for a million reasons. It could be the amazing architecture, the colorful buildings, the rich history, the energy or the phenomenal food. There was a lot of food I had never tried before so I loved how new everything was to me. We learned about the different food influences and Creole cooking and I loved all of it. We didn’t have enough time to try all the different restaurants I wanted because I had such a huge list. I got tons of recommendations and have been doing research for a long time for New Orleans. New Orleans must tries are gumbo, jambalaya, bbq shrimp, beignets, a muffuletta, a po boy and kings cake. I got to try all of them except kings cake (which we were told was usually only around during Mardi Gras). Below I added in all the places we tried, which ones need reservations and dress codes and which ones I really wanted to try but didn’t fit in. Luckily we will be living within driving distance to this place because I plan on coming back and eating here as much as possible.

District Donuts Sliders Brew

IMG_6431 IMG_6666IMG_6524Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

THIS PLACE HAS BEEN ON MY LIST FOR YEARS. YEARS. I am writing in all caps because if there is one place you need to go to in New Orleans it is here. We didn’t get to all my breakfast/brunch places because we ended up eating here every single morning haha. First off, they don’t just have donuts. They have biscuit sandwiches and breakfast drinks and so much more. All the donuts are fluffy and change weekly. (They changed daily the first time we were there and I am kinda sad its weekly now.) The cookie dough one above was one of my favorites. As you can see, they are big enough to share! My all time favorite thing I tried was the cinnamon roll. They have a brûléed one that I specifically went for and the first day they dropped the whole tray which is why we ended up going back the next day and I am so glad we did. It was really good but after that I got it without the brûlée just like a regular cinnamon roll and it was probably the best cinnamon roll I have ever had. EVER. I am still thinking about it. I called everyday before we left because they always run out of these and they would say when they are getting the next batch out and we would pop over when they were gooey and warm. If you are wanting to try it I recommend doing this because they always sell out. There are multiple locations and there is always a line but it moves really fast so don’t let that deter you. This place is listed as one of the best donut places in the U.S. so you have to try it!!



I feel like this is a must, if you go to NOLA and don’t try beignets did you really even go?! This place is all you hear about when it comes to them. I actually just watched an episode where Kim Kardashian went here three times on her trip because they are her most favorite thing. A couple things to note: you can only pay with cash, there is no host- you seat yourself, they come in an order of three for like $3?, there is typically a huge wait anytime during the day. We got up early one day like 7:45ish and there was no wait though, so if you are an early riser that is a great time. Apparently it is open 24 hours so if you go really late apparently the wait isn’t bad either!

Central Grocery & Deli


This place was actually a recommendation and it was really good considering it wasn’t something I would typically order because of all the olives. Lyle really liked it too! It is very close to Cafe Du Monde and Jackson Square so you won’t have to venture too far. The line is always really long too but it also moves fast! There are several places that sell these but this is supposedly the best and the man behind us in line said he tried a couple other places and they were too salty so there’s a locals opinion. We just got a half that they cut in half and it was more than enough. It’s from Italy and it’s pretty popular down here.

Parkway Bakery & Tavern So the first time we went to New Orleans we tried a couple different po boy places and they were both good. This time around I wanted to try the absolute best place so I did my research and narrowed it down to two places. Above and a place called Domilise. Every local I asked stated the above place which is how we ultimately decided between the two. There was a lot of seating and a major plus? It had some of the best bread pudding I have had. It was SO good. This is not in the French Quarter so having a car will be helpful to get here!

MOTHERS  This was a place we went with my parents and it is just a short walk outside the quarter. This place usually has a long line but it also goes fast. I really liked this place! It had all the typical Nola food and I really liked the gumbo!! We got both types but I think it was the seafood one that was better? A hole in the wall place but it had some good stuff.

The French Market


If you keep walking past Cafe Du Monde on your right you will run right in this place. They have tons of little stalls selling souvenirs and things and tons of little food vendors selling everything from sweets, smoothies, crepes to gator on a stick, crawfish and New Orleans classics. There is one little place selling cookies and brownies and they were all so soft and yummy. I really loved this brownie and their oatmeal cookie! This is a fun place to check out because you can sample lots of different things in one place.


IMG_6364 IMG_6663Processed with VSCO with s3 presetThis place requires reservations. We watched people show up and be turned away. It is a cute pink building with the cutest interior! We got the french toast and the apple thing but we split both of them. They kept telling us the french toast was sweet and I was like I have the hugest sweet tooth on the planet I can handle it but they were not kidding hahaha, it was dang sweet. I think I could do without all the powdered sugar but Lyle loved it! I have said it before but I am not a frou frou food person. I don’t like really fancy places with weird foods but this place was written about everywhere so we gave it a try. It was really good, has tons of great reviews and created the bananas foster dessert which is really cool.

Gumbo Shop

IMG_6668 IMG_6669 (1)

The first night we got in we headed here to get some gumbo and jambalaya. Both were really good. I loved how low key this place was and we sat out in the little courtyard and I loved it! I got the chicken andouille gumbo. I tried gumbo three times on this trip and my all time favorite was the gumbo from the restaurant at Oak Alley Plantation. It was a seafood gumbo and it was SO GOOD. Lyle got the po boy from there and that was great too so if you take a day trip out (which you need to) I recommend eating here! You should try the bread pudding.

For treats this time we tried the Creole Creamery (home made ice cream with really fun flavors), Bakery Bar to try some yummy doberge cakes (small and yummy-fun to try in a group but kind of expensive. This place had lots of good desserts and also does cocktails if thats your thing…its a dessert bar. Apparently the Red Velvet Elvis is amazing but the flavors rotate.)


Just okay places: (I wouldn’t waste your time here)

Willa Jean, Boucherie, Biscuits and Buns on Banks, St Roch Market (not a huge variety, nothing special) Sno Ball Hansens Sno Blitz (unless you like sno cones, I realized I don’t but if you do, you’ll probably love this place)


Definitely on my list for next time: I have tried to go to the Ruby Slipper both times but the wait was always too long and we always had reservations for other things so I am making it a priority next time. I heard it is the BEST breakfast place (besides District of course…I would do that and Ruby for breakfast/brunch)

Willie Maes Scotch House- I had two places I was really sad I didn’t get to try and this was one of them. Everyone said it has the absolute best fried chicken but it was hard to get to because it closes at 5 and wasn’t in the french quarter and our days were pretty packed. It is at the top of my list for next time.

Antoines- A New Orleans classic place to eat at. You need reservations! We didn’t eat here because it was another fancy place but I definitely want to go. You can even take a tour of all the rooms. It is one of the oldest family run restaurants in the country.

Ruby Slipper- I got recommended this place by multiple people and made space for it because it looked really good but District Donuts took over. This place had a huge and yummy menu and this will also be at the top of my life for next time.

Commanders Palace- This place was one of the ones I was saddest to miss out on. I really wanted to try their strawberry shortcake but I didn’t make reservations because our schedule was crazy and then I missed out. It is right by the huge district homes so you can do a tour through there and schedule a reservation for this place after. It is also fancy though and requires a dress code so keep that in mind!

Carousel Piano Bar and Lounge- We don’t drink so we didn’t go here but the carousel would be so cool to sit at. Look at some pictures of it!

Blue Dot Donuts- Donuts. Enough said

Palace Cafe- Apparently this has the best bread pudding!

Galatoires- for amazing gumbo. There are so many places that sell gumbo but I was kind of limited because I didn’t want to eat any with duck or rabbit so I tried the seafood ones or just the plain chicken ones.

 Irenes Cuisine (recommended my our local guide)

Redfish (desserts looked bangin)

Angelo Brocato (a local made us promise to go here next time. It’s an ice cream shop and has Italian pastries. 4.8 out of  stars online)

 Muriel’s if you want to dine with ghosts. See below picture.