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If anyone ever questions New York being one of the prettiest/greatest/awesomest cities ever I will show them these pictures…and all the other amazing pictures I have of this city. Yesterday we went into the city because I made reservations at the Loeb Boathouse. I’ve made a few over the past several weeks and just kept missing them! I knew I wanted to eat there during Fall when all the colors were changing and it did not disappoint. The restaurant is a little pricey, just a heads up, but the food is AMAZING. We set our reservation for 12, right when it opened, and it was a good thing we did because we got a seat right next to the window! People start lining up 15 minutes or so before it opens so get there early because theres a long line! My favorite part was that they walked around with a basket of different breads and you got to pick which ones you want. The cranberry bread was SO good and Lyle liked the pretzel bread. Afterwards we strolled around the park to take in all the views. I absolutely love this city! I tease a lot that the best part about New Jersey is that it’s right next to New York City and I think Ted Mosby would have to agree with me.

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Backpack | Top | Leopard Booties- old from Joie

I am a HUGE backpack person lately. I love how in style they are right now and how easy they are to tote around the city and that I don’t set them down and leave them places…I was on the fence about this backpack but then I got a 20% off email. It is so perfect! I absolutely love it. Also, you can’t see the front of this shirt but you will love it.

XO Cait


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