Fridays Faves

This is always my favorite post to share. I wish everyone did posts like these so I could find new products, food, music etc. I love when people do recommendations on Insta or Facebook because I am always looking for them. Below are some things I am loving on right now, hope you find some new loves. If you have anything you especially love you should share it with me 😉 Thanks, love you all and love that it’s Friday and almost Halloweeeeen!

Bubble Clay Mask

I read about this in one of those beauty articles and since it was pretty cheap I thought I would try it. I really like it! It’s fun to put on and my skin has been really clear and pretty lately although its hard to tell if this is the sole reason since I have been really diligent in my nightly cleansing routine. I definitely think it plays a part plus it had crazy good reviews.

Clay Mask


Chocolate Covered Cranberries 

I had been all obsessed with the acai blueberry one but I tried these a couple weeks ago and now I can’t stop craving them. Can’t stop or won’t stop? Hard to say but when we were in NE I was like we need to stop for these babies ASAP!


New Music Lineup

More tunes for you guys! I’m really proud of myself for expanding my music. I always thought I had a broad love of music but thanks to Pandora and Lyle I have been expanding it even more. I’ve been on a huge Bon Iver kick ever since Lyle got us tickets to his concert in December. Lyle’s a big fan so I want to know all the songs when we go.

One Grain of Sand- Ron Pope, Bloom- Paper Kites, Unsteady- Erich Lee Gravity, Blood- The Middle East. Anything Bon Iver

Fleece/Sherpa Trend

I know you’ve seen pieces in this material everywhere. I’ve already fallen in love with a backpack, sweater and now this beautiful coat. Even when this trend goes out of style I will still be rocking it, I love the look of it. Also, Zara has the most amazing selection of coats right now. I have 4 sitting in my cart right now and I’m praying for a sale.


Zara Coat

Pumpkin everything

Long gone are the days where I follow fashion bloggers. Hello to all the food bloggers! Woo. Priorities people. Anywayy I follow lots of food places and one I am loving is Snack Cellar. I have tried Pumpkin poptarts, oatmeal (not good), cheerios, life, cookies, icecreams (the Turkey Hill with the cinnamon graham cracker swirl is amazing) and basically everything else. When all the pumpkin treats are off the shelves I will be pretty sad. If you want to find some awesome seasonal treats at Trader Joes, Whole Foods and more you should check out some of those food places…unless you are on a diet that is. I have yet to try the oreos though and I LOVE any and all oreos so I need to hurry up with that.


Love, Cait

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